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Our bioclimatic pergolas

Discover the perfect harmony between aesthetics and comfort with Solution Abris Estrie's bioclimatic pergolas. The adjustable blades of our pergolas add a chic and modern touch to outdoor spaces, providing not only protection against the sun and rain but also a refined aesthetic.

Our Light model captivates with its elegant simplicity and affordable cost, while the Luxe model embodies luxury with its motorization and integrated LED lights for a lavish experience. Choose your style, redefine your outdoor space with Sol Pergolas – where every moment outdoors becomes exceptional.



Our bioclimatic pergolas from the Quebec brand Sol Pergolas, equipped with adjustable motorized or manual blades, add a very chic and modern look to outdoor spaces.

Our models not only look great but also adapt to your needs, providing partial or complete shade and rain protection. The Luxe model operates with a remote control, while the Light model uses a crank.


The silent and discreet operation of our pergolas, their European-style design, and their fully aluminum construction ensure your peace of mind. Highly durable, they require no canvas replacement, no maintenance, or special treatment during winter, and their structures are 100% guaranteed.

Motorized System

Adjustable and closable louvers.

Integrated gutters.


For all projects types,

residential or commercial

Premium Quality

100% aluminium.

Durable & Lifetime warranty


Discover the Light 10x13 feet bioclimatic pergola



Transform your outdoor space into a haven of peace with the Light 10x13 feet bioclimatic pergola from Sol Pergolas: elegant, durable, and affordable. With its dimensions of 10x13 feet and its lightweight yet sturdy aluminum design, it seamlessly integrates into any outdoor space.

The louvers open manually to adjust light and ventilation, and its installation is easy thanks to its intuitive mounting system. Like the classic model, it features a gutter system integrated into the legs.


In addition to a lifetime warranty on the material, it is perfectly suited for smaller budgets.

Features :

  • Two basic frame colors: white and anthracite gray.

  • Manual opening of the louvers.

  • Adjustable blades from 0 to 140 degrees with watertight joints and integrated gutters.

  • Made of 100% aluminum, they are robust and of superior quality.

  • Size: 10x13 ft.

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